Camryn is a rising sophomore at Princeton University studying Economics with certificates in Dance and Entrepreneurship. Camryn runs a successful nonprofit organization by the name, Turning Tables Inc. This organization is focused on ridding discrimination in dance through outreach, performance, and scholarship. Though quarentine hindered some of the in-person interaction, the program just wrapped SITT, a virtual dance experience and discussion based seminar.

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I’m a self-reflective person, which is both beneficial and possibly detrimental. I benefit from having the most comprehensive sense of self, though with that comes an overly analytical, reflective thought process that can serve as a barrier to my goals. Being a dancer of 16 years I have had no choice but to look within myself so that I may improve on my craft, always giving myself corrections, being nit-picky with technical details, and finding the emotion that I release when I perform. Opposingly, this self-reflection causes me to self doubt and wonder if I am capable of pursuing dance full time, whether I am good enough, and whether I should continue. However, there’s something about the challenge within the art that continues to bring me back to it. The preparation to performance, the behind the scenes, the process to the result involves a tense period of self-reflecting, a back and forth tug of war of emotions, and self-imposed pressure that seems to release when it’s time to perform. The release is what seems to carry me. My overly analytical mind shuts off and I become in control of my body and the choices that I make on the stage. Dancing and performing make me feel free. 

Dancing comes naturally to me so there normally aren’t any challenges with execution when I am doing improvisation. The challenge comes from self-doubt and getting inside of my head. I am growing in my confidence and allowing my background and ability to guide me. As I continue to pursue dance as a possible career option it is crucial that I get out of my head, continue to find the joy within dance, and hold onto the feeling of release. 

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