Rachel Marsh

Founder and CEO of Onlybrazen.com

Rachel is a sophomore at Columbia University studying Psychology and pursuing a concentration in business management. She hopes to attend law school post-grad, and is just passionate about utilizing her skills to aid the communities around her. Rachel is driven by challenges and sees value in growing through trial and error. For Brazen, she oversees all creative direction and is responsible for generating projects that create points of collaboration to promote powerful and artistic conversations. She also is currently the sole writer for the website and produces visuals for the site, though future collaboration with talented writers is soon to come.

Rachel aspires to use Brazen as a platform that will connect a community of creators of all mediums that have fought long and hard to be heard. Being a young woman from an African American and West Indian background Rachel has dealt first hand with limitations set on her because of societal standards. Along with challenging the stigma surrounding her community, she hopes to open this space up for individuals who fight similar battles every day.

Rachel says she has watched others like her find themselves lost and broken, simply because they let societal standards and expectations dictate their course of life. Rachel and her amazing team of collaborators hope to deconstruct this notion that success can be placed in definitive categories, boxes, or molds.

Through the production of this environment, fueled by amazing creatives with different interests, backgrounds, beliefs, and artistic mediums, Brazen is soon to facilitate the growth and normalization of creativity as an essential to success and establish that each individual has the right to live unapologetically as themselves.


Visuals by Rachel Marsh

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