Moe Abusway

Graphic designer, Creative Assistant, and Artist behind the official Brazen Logo design

Moe is currently a sophomore In the school of engineering at Columbia University, with plans to switch his course of study to that of Economics and Philosophy. His love for cityscapes and urban architecture, combined with his want for a change of pace from Ohio, is what brought him to New York City. He is also a hurdler on Columbia’s track and field team!

He works in data analysis + computer software, on the tech side, but has an eye and a knack for website design and graphic design, specifying in logo creation. Here is a link to his design portfolio:

Moe dreams of working somewhere where he can make a difference, such as in worldly affairs, global markets, or simply by making change in any setting he finds himself. 

His inspiration in life mostly stems from his brother Samer, but he uses r&b + soul music for creative inspiration. 

Moe is a part of brazen because he loves the mission of this group and the intent it has to be a creative open space for all. He uses it himself as a space to escape academia and every day life, to express himself with creative freedom. 

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