Nicolette Auld-Griffith

Outreach Coordinator, Project Manager, Creative Assistant

Nicolette is a sophomore at Columbia University studying Mathematics-Statistics and Premedical studies. Born and raised in New York, and the oldest sister of four girls, she is strong-willed, compassionate, and always up for a challenge. For Brazen, she is our Outreach Coordinator, works first hand with collaboration projects, and aid in the overall creative process as she has experience in creative writing, promotional marketing, and outreach methods. 

Nicolette’s interests are very diverse which transcends into her goals for her future. She aspires to become a dermatologist and eventually open her own practice. Along the way, Nicolette would like to dance professionally on an NBA or NFL dance team, or perform on Broadway. She is eternally grateful for her friends and family who constantly support her in all of her endeavors. 

Nicolette is eager to be a member of the Brazen team because she embraces the value of a creative outlet. As a dancer and musician, she has always utilized the arts as a space to be emotional and true to herself. Brazen has given Nicolette the opportunity to expand her creative capabilities and she is excited to use her passion for the arts to promote the artistic content of today’s visionaries.

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