Tiffany Bautista

Chief Financial Officer, SEO specialist, Brand Coordinator

Tiffany is a sophomore at Columbia University studying financial economics. She is from northern New Jersey and is a jumper on the track and field team at Columbia University. Many describe her as hardworking, charismatic, and motivated.

In high school, Tiffany took a personal finance class where she fell in love with finance and the careful analysis that goes along with each transaction. The problem-solving skills and the analytical thinking that goes hand in hand with this type of work is what drove her to study it in college. She aspires to work in the financial services and would love to work with various nonprofit organizations later in life. She also loves business analytics with hopes to get an MBA as well as be a mentor in her community.

For Brazen, she oversees the finances and manages the financial actions of the company. Because of this, she is able to do strategic planning and create evaluations based on the short-term and long-term financial objectives. As a Search Engine Optimization Specialist, she also analyzes and implements changes to improve the website ranking on major search engines. Lastly, she is involved in social media and brand coordinating to drive traction to the company.

Before joining Brazen she never really saw herself as a creative person but through this journey, she has been able to understand that creativity is driven through passion. Her passions drive her goals and in doing so, have helped her change her own outlook on success.

Tiffany is a part of Brazen because she loves the idea of giving those with a passion a voice. “So often we see different ways of life looked down upon because it does not hold true to the ideals of what a successful life should look like in our society. I believe that success should not be dictated by those around you but by the way you perceive yourself and your drive to complete your goals. I believe that we all have a story that is meant to be told and Brazen allows for that story to be told. ” 

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